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Diablos y Congos

February 22, 2005 By: admin Category: Colon, Customs & Culture, Portobelo No Comments →

Well, part of me is hesitant to write about Portobelo because I’d like it to remain the irrelevant that it seems to be. Portobelo. I loved it! If there were internet, I’d move!

Avenida Central, Horns, & Keeping up with the Joneses

July 08, 2004 By: admin Category: Artesania, Avenida Central, Casco Viejo, Colon, Customs & Culture, Eating & Drinking, Insects, Kunas, NYC, Noise, Shopping No Comments →

The other morning, a friend phoned from NYC. At one point, she said mentioned that she had opted to stay in the city this weekend and my response was , “Oh right…it’s July 4th.” I love the fact that I had completely forgotten! When I was visiting Panama trying to decide whether or not to move here, people would tell me that, as a rule of thumb, you are either moving to something or away from something or both. I LOVE New York City, but I sure like me a lot better when I’m not in it. I LOVE America, but I sure don’t like the government there. (more…)

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