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Ecuador’s Cotacachi, Cuy, Otavalo and Skye, Scotland photos

July 19, 2008 By: admin Category: 9-11, Art & Culture, Artesania, Cuenca, Customs & Culture, Dogs, Ecuador, Expat Life, Learning Spanish, NYC, Shopping, The Cajas 1 Comment →

Been a little busy here folks. Went away to Quito (again) for a week and went up to Cotacachi and Otavalo for the weekend. Had no time to do anything but work and sleep in Quito, but had a wonderfully relaxing weekend in Cotacachi…I even left my computer in Quito so I wouldn’t be tempted. Must get some photos so you can see for yourself. Cotacachi, about 2 hours north of Quito, sits right in the center of two huge extinct volcanoes, Cotacachi and Imbabura. Pretty amazing views when the clouds let you have a peak. (more…)

Jimmie Page in Boquete with Gallery

February 20, 2007 By: admin Category: Birds, Boquete, Dogs, Dry Season, Noise, Page, Posts with Galleries, Tropical Fruits No Comments →

My dog broke my water main. When trying to figure out where I lived, the girl at the video rental asked if I lived in front of the “Judy who drinks?” One friend knew exactly when I was at Cable and Wireless in spite of the fact that there are only 3 employees and there were 2 other customers whom I did not speak to. A great lunch is $2.25. The electricity bill for my house last month was $4.24 which could be because there are so few outlets to plug anything into. I had two 25 year olds seriously hitting on me even though I told them my son was almost their age. I watched the Academy Awards en masse. There are six options to purchase shower heads, one option to purchase an on demand water heater larger than 6 liters and no marine sponges exist. (more…)

Mother’s Day in Santa Fe

December 08, 2006 By: admin Category: Customs & Culture, Dogs, Noise, Santa Fe de Veraguas No Comments →

It’s Mother’s Day in Panama and I’m still in Santa Fe. They have a quaint tradition here that would be charming had I not been awakened at 5AM by a live concert 20 feet away after not being able to go to sleep because of the incessant barking of the abundant dog population followed by the seemingly ever present cacophony of the even larger rooster population. As if all of that isn’t enough, the owner of the hostal has a two year old that is the personification of the terrible twos and currently, a friend of their’s from Santa Catalina is in house with her 13 month old who is just learning to scream for attention while the 2 year old does his terrible two best to torment or physically abuse her. It makes me desperate to get back to Panama City for some peace and quiet and if that statement alone doesn’t say it all, well, there’s nothing I can add. (more…)

So long Casco Viejo

July 03, 2005 By: admin Category: Birds, Casco Viejo, Dogs, Eating & Drinking, NYC No Comments →

I’m writing this on my last night living in Casco Viejo…for now. I’m taking a rather Zen approach about ‘accidentally’ taking the apartment in La Cresta. I said goodbye to Manuela today. I recently looked at the photo of her from last summer and boy has that girl aged. She went grey and now she’s white around her eyes. I told her that I had seen two Springer Spaniels being walked in LaCresta. Bet no one knows their names the way EVERYONE knows Manuela’s name around here. Springers seem very rare down here. From afar and as a result of Manuela, Susan GG up in Bocas provides me with a vicarious thrill of watching a Springer puppy grow up. (more…)

Resorting to Drugs

February 14, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Dogs, Noise No Comments →

Okay, after listening to me moan for months and after my last entry where I considered drugging the neighbor’s obnoxious, loud dog, I did it. I found a way to drug the thing and once I realized it didn’t kill the dog, I cannot say I felt a moment of remorse. Melatonin. Crushed with a hammer and stuck on the side of a piece of turkey. He would sleep and I would get a noise free afternoon.


Aural Torture

January 20, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, Dogs, Noise No Comments →

It started at 7:15AM and just never stopped all day. A crew of five clearing stuff out of the apartment above me…bang, bang, banging and every move accompanied by yelling and yelling that echoed through the stairwells and courtyard bouncing into the apartment as though it were happening in here, not up there. I wanted to scream at the constant noise level. So I did. Just screamed and cursed in English for awhile. No louder than anybody else around here. I finally realized I could never work in this and went to a movie. The cab driver picked someone else up on the way and then basically yelled at him the whole way over. When I sat in the theater, they talked all around me in spite of the ‘looks.’

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