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Jimmie Page in Boquete with Gallery

February 20, 2007 By: admin Category: Birds, Boquete, Dogs, Dry Season, Noise, Page, Posts with Galleries, Tropical Fruits No Comments →

My dog broke my water main. When trying to figure out where I lived, the girl at the video rental asked if I lived in front of the “Judy who drinks?” One friend knew exactly when I was at Cable and Wireless in spite of the fact that there are only 3 employees and there were 2 other customers whom I did not speak to. A great lunch is $2.25. The electricity bill for my house last month was $4.24 which could be because there are so few outlets to plug anything into. I had two 25 year olds seriously hitting on me even though I told them my son was almost their age. I watched the Academy Awards en masse. There are six options to purchase shower heads, one option to purchase an on demand water heater larger than 6 liters and no marine sponges exist. (more…)

Santa Fe de Veraguas

December 16, 2006 By: admin Category: Birds, Boquete, Noise, Santa Fe de Veraguas No Comments →

Well, back into the land of the technologically blessed (?) after a month of roaming to cooler climes where you can find Panama as it used to be and where the horses far outnumber the cars. I did keep a bit of a journal and since I’m a little ‘burned out’ as a result of driving all the way back from Boquete on Thursday followed by a trip to Portobelo and back on Friday (and a BBQ coming up today followed by a trip to Sierra Llorona tomorrow and Portobelo on Monday), thought I’d just copy you guys on bits of my Santa Fe journal: (more…)

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