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Anybody Home?

August 29, 2005 By: admin Category: Art & Culture, Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, Expat Life, Learning Spanish, NYC, Speculation No Comments →

It’s almost September 1. And I thought I knew where I was moving. Hmmmm… (more…)

La Casona

July 01, 2005 By: admin Category: Art & Culture, Casco Viejo, La Casona, Portobelo No Comments →

What a night here in Casco Viejo! La Casona had it’s official opening. Spearheaded by my downstairs neighbor, Blanca Davalos, Ye Ye and Miguel (whom I first met in Portobelo and then ran into here in Casco Viejo yet who’s last name I still don’t remember). The new room is a combination bar, gallery, music venue in a cavernous space that has not been renovated, merely cleaned up. The ambience is incredible! With a large inner open courtyard adorned by an old mural of the Virgin Mary nearly a whole story high and barely removed vines that once threatened to completely claim the space, it is uniquely Casco Viejo. La Casona de Las Brujuas is located behind the hotel on Herrera Plaza, a fringe part of Casco Viejo and major props to all involved for taking that risk.


9-11 (with gallery)

December 10, 2001 By: admin Category: 9-11, Art & Culture, NYC, Posts with Galleries No Comments →

I lived in the city for a decade, but after a crippling divorce two years ago, I moved away from the only place that ever felt like home. I refused to go back for a visit because I knew I wouldn’t want to leave and feared I might not. And I needed the time away. I finally did go back on September 5th after moving my son to school in Boston.


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