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PC Protests; PC Neighborhoods

June 17, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Expat Life, Policia No Comments →

I’m still in Casco Viejo and boy, has that been an interesting place to be during all the protests. I have an admiration for the people on this front. And I still have to say, the cops down here are nice. They’re serious and they mean business, but they’re not mean like the cops are in the US.

Easter in Panama

March 26, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, Dry Season, Humidity, Policia, Rainy Season No Comments →

I realize I haven’t been posting or writing and offer up my apologies to those of you who are here for no other reason than that. My work schedule is so grueling and I’m pretty much spent at the end of the day. The good news is that in about another month, I’ll then have about 3 months off. Like a teacher, my work revolves around the school year. The best thing about the work I do is that I can do it from HERE!

Nasty Coke Habit

August 15, 2004 By: admin Category: Customs & Culture, Grocery Shopping, NYC, Noise, Policia, Safety No Comments →

The temperature lately has been mostly perfect. I’m sitting on my balcony because I succumbed to my addiction and started smoking again and refuse to stink up my house. For awhile there, before the bronchitis, I was smoking for about 4 days wearing a disposable plastic glove on my right hand to diminish the nasty odor…makes for a bizarre fashion statement. With cigarettes $1.35 per pack, it was just too much of a temptation. And I’ve developed a very nasty Coke habit because it’s everywhere and only 25 cents a bottle (if you bring an empty) at the Chino’s on the corner! One thing about Coke here is that it’s sweeter than in the US. I was looking at the ingredients last week and there’s no corn syrup, so it’s all sugar. Because none of these little markets have air conditioning, there’s not much of a candy counter, thank God. It was interesting to note how they sell medication, like Tylenol, etc, by single tablets. I watched a woman purchase individual tablets of about four different kinds of medication. And it doesn’t appear as though many of the locals smoke. I assume that’s because, to them, $1.35 is a lot of money. Having said that, the Chino also sells individual cigarettes, too.


Men with Guns with Gallery

July 30, 2004 By: admin Category: Bocas, Casco Viejo, Learning Spanish, NYC, Policia, Posts with Galleries, Safety 1 Comment →

There are so many men with guns in this neighborhood. I’ve not only grown used to it, I really, really like it. In Casco Viejo, there are the Presidential Guards (Guardia Presidencial) , the Tourist Police (Policia Turismo) and the National Police (Policia Nacional). All have office headquarters in this neighborhood. The National Police and the Tourist Police have virtually identical uniforms that are similar to any US police uniform except for the color - khaki short sleeved shirt and brown pants. Both have bicycle divisions who have the same uniform except they wear shorts instead of pants. All carry guns, but only the Presidential Guards directly around the Palace carry machine guns. (more…)

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