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Happy New Year from Ecuador!

January 02, 2009 By: admin Category: Beaches, Cuenca, Customs & Culture, Dry Season, Eating & Drinking, Expat Life, Real Estate, Uncategorized No Comments →

One thing I do miss a lot about Panama was spending New Year’s Eve in Portobelo at the home of my friend, Sandra Eleta .  Being the great lady that she is, it was always fascinating and since I spent a one night with her when I was in Panama a couple of months ago, missing it was felt all the more.  Her Portobelo compound was always filled with the most interesting people no matter when you visited, but New Year’s Eve was special.  It instilled in me an appreciation for new spiritual traditions.  The custom of burning a muneco (doll in English, but almost a life-sized scarecrow-like rendition in real life or as most foreigners here call them: effigies.) of someone you dislike was something I adored in Panama, so I was very glad to see it’s just as much of a custom here in Ecuador.  In Panama, they’re called munecos.  In Ecuador, they’re called ‘Ano Viejos’.   (more…)

My Coastal Ecuador Trek with Gallery

May 12, 2008 By: admin Category: Beaches, Eating & Drinking, Ecuador, Expat Life, Posts with Galleries, Real Estate No Comments →

It took two days of bureaucracy to finally get my Ecuador driver’s license. The main reason for me to do this was two-fold: A. A driver’s course is mandatory and cost $160 up until May 1 when it was rumored to shoot up to $900. B) My US license expires in July and I’m not so sure I’ll be back in time to get it renewed. So the double whammy added up to ‘just do it.’ And boy did I ever break it in! (more…)

Christmas in San Blas; NY’s Eve in Portobelo

January 02, 2007 By: admin Category: Beaches, Customs & Culture, Kunas, Portobelo No Comments →

I have had a couple of holiday traditions since moving to Panama. One has been to ‘play Santa Claus’ for about 1000 kids on 4 islands in San Blas. It is always treacherous and taxing to get there as the weight I take out mandates a trip by other than air. Last year, it was an overloaded canoe over the ocean in 15 foot swells for 7 hours after a bus ride from Hell. This year, we passed over the mountains near Chepo on a dirt road that grew progressively worse as we neared the Atlantic side until we were simply sliding down sideways to seemingly certain death. I repeat, mud is to driving in the tropics what snow and ice are in the US mountains. That was one of the 2 scariest drives of my life. Flying back and looking at that ribbon of a road
that runs along the very peak of the mountains, I knew that if I had seen the realty of the drop offs beside as we slid sideways down the steep grade that I would never have considered going up there to begin with. The old addage is true, ignorance is bliss. (more…)

Back from Bocas

December 13, 2005 By: admin Category: Beaches, Birds, Bocas, Insects, Manana Culture No Comments →

Didn’t know I was going to stay that long, but one thing lead to another and quite honestly, I was loving it there so much, I didn’t want to leave. I wrote 22 pages of journals, but since you’re all so familiar with Panama, I can sum them up simply by speaking about a few stand outs. (more…)

A San Blas Christmas

December 27, 2004 By: admin Category: Beaches, Kunas No Comments →

This Christmas was easily the most incredible, most memorable ever. About the time Santa started bringing computers, my son began to understand where they came from, so I quit Christmas and we began what we call our anti-Christmas, trading what had become almost as work as moving for a new adventure each year to get as far away from the commercialized American Christmas as possible. Before this, gambling in Atlantic City on Christmas Day was sitting at the top of the success in terms of an anti-Christmas.

Pampered in Playa Blanca

November 01, 2004 By: admin Category: Beaches, Customs & Culture No Comments →

So right now…if I don’t worry about eating supper…I have about 10 minutes. That’s my life since I’ve gone back to work. I want to go take a quick walk on the Paseo, something I never get to do anymore. But this intolerable work schedule is almost over…I hope! At least the east coast is once again on Panama Time which makes calling Atlanta, NYC, Philly, DC etc a bit less daunting. I know…you don’t know what I do, but does it really matter? I reach out to teachers in high schools all over the US every day. And unfortunately, they seem to all only be available at the same time! So lately, I’ve had the unfortunate task of reaching some 800 teachers in a couple of weeks all during the same lunch hour. That’s the real glamour of the music biz folks. Working on databases at night…are you bored yet? Then a Panamanian friend of mine said last week, “You’re working too hard, come to the beach house this weekend. You can swim, read, rest and we’ll pamper you. ”

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