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Ziplocks are a Girl’s Best Friend

June 06, 2006 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Eating & Drinking, Humidity, Insects No Comments →

Honestly, I fear that when I do finally re-ascend from this computer screen, I’ll have no friends left! I haven’t been writing because typically, I’ve written about what I’ve done, where I’ve been, what I’ve learned and these days, leaving the house is typically only reserved for when it’s essential…like groceries. So since all I see or experience these days is really the inside of my apartment, what you get is the likes of my ‘Drawing The Line’ journal. And now this. (more…)

Drawing The Line

May 24, 2006 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, Insects No Comments →

In what I have realized is an ongoing battle against nature and the elements, I have opted to surrender to aspects that previously fell into the category of never ending. And as someone recently said, I am learning which weeks I do NOT want to even be here next year. I beg to differ…next year, I think I’ll skip the entire month of April. Mayflies….swarms of them looking like termites or winged ants that you also get the privilege / curse of watching grow over the course of about 3 weeks. Just like watching some of the neighborhood kids, only in fast motion, these things at least triple in size, though fortunately, diminishing in numbers as the weeks pass. (more…)

Kuna Yala

January 05, 2006 By: admin Category: Customs & Culture, Insects No Comments →

I didn’t grow up with the Waltons, so Christmas was usually…well, depressing in a word. Still, while my son was young, I made such a production out of it in order to give him what I never had, that by the time he was getting computers and knew where they came from, I decided it was time to stop. So I quit Christmas.


Back from Bocas

December 13, 2005 By: admin Category: Beaches, Birds, Bocas, Insects, Manana Culture No Comments →

Didn’t know I was going to stay that long, but one thing lead to another and quite honestly, I was loving it there so much, I didn’t want to leave. I wrote 22 pages of journals, but since you’re all so familiar with Panama, I can sum them up simply by speaking about a few stand outs. (more…)


March 05, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, Dry Season, Humidity, Insects, Learning Spanish, Manana Culture, NYC, Noise, Real Estate No Comments →

Well, it feels akin to that in-between hair stage on this board right now. There are lots of things happening in the neighborhood, but I’m not well enough informed to actually write about any of it.

Avenida Central, Horns, & Keeping up with the Joneses

July 08, 2004 By: admin Category: Artesania, Avenida Central, Casco Viejo, Colon, Customs & Culture, Eating & Drinking, Insects, Kunas, NYC, Noise, Shopping No Comments →

The other morning, a friend phoned from NYC. At one point, she said mentioned that she had opted to stay in the city this weekend and my response was , “Oh right…it’s July 4th.” I love the fact that I had completely forgotten! When I was visiting Panama trying to decide whether or not to move here, people would tell me that, as a rule of thumb, you are either moving to something or away from something or both. I LOVE New York City, but I sure like me a lot better when I’m not in it. I LOVE America, but I sure don’t like the government there. (more…)

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