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The Little Things

October 18, 2005 By: admin Category: Birds, Casco Viejo, El Chorrillo, Kunas, La Cresta, Spirituality No Comments →

I have written that what I love most about Casco Viejo is an intangible in the same way sparks fly when two people meet. You can’t put that in words that can adequately explain it, but you sure know it when you feel it. (more…)

God lives by the Bust of Bolivar

August 27, 2004 By: admin Category: Beaches, Casco Viejo, Dogs, NYC, Spirituality No Comments →

Well, some time ago I spoke of my political position, but only as it applied to my decision to leave the US. Thought now might be a good time to address religion, or my lack thereof. When I left NYC, at first, I couldn’t get over how friendly folks were in NC…strangers seemed always ready and willing to strike up a chat. I quickly realized they had an agenda once they found out I was new in town. “Come to our church!” After awhile, I got so tired of it that I came up with a handy response designed to get the response I wanted, “I haven’t been to church since April of 1975, thank God!” Seemed to always do the trick.


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