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Back in the US of B

November 17, 2004 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, NYC, US Politics No Comments →

Wondered while flying in if the Empire State Building was colored blue to indicate pride in being a Blue State or mourning for the outcome.


Summer Blooms

November 15, 2004 By: admin Category: Artesania, Casco Viejo, Expat Life, NYC, US Politics No Comments →

I am about to leave for NYC again day after tomorrow. This will be the last time I have to go there. In the future, it will be as a visitor and not a resident. My apartment will be closed and empty by the time I return to Panama. While I’m not looking forward to the work of a move, unlike previous moves, the pain of what’s in store is so diminished by knowing I will be free of it and my life will now be in Panama.


Pampered in Playa Blanca

November 01, 2004 By: admin Category: Beaches, Customs & Culture No Comments →

So right now…if I don’t worry about eating supper…I have about 10 minutes. That’s my life since I’ve gone back to work. I want to go take a quick walk on the Paseo, something I never get to do anymore. But this intolerable work schedule is almost over…I hope! At least the east coast is once again on Panama Time which makes calling Atlanta, NYC, Philly, DC etc a bit less daunting. I know…you don’t know what I do, but does it really matter? I reach out to teachers in high schools all over the US every day. And unfortunately, they seem to all only be available at the same time! So lately, I’ve had the unfortunate task of reaching some 800 teachers in a couple of weeks all during the same lunch hour. That’s the real glamour of the music biz folks. Working on databases at night…are you bored yet? Then a Panamanian friend of mine said last week, “You’re working too hard, come to the beach house this weekend. You can swim, read, rest and we’ll pamper you. ”

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