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The Tide is High

January 31, 2005 By: admin Category: Avenida Central, Bitch, Bitch, Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, El Chorrillo, Expat Life, Noise, Real Estate No Comments →

It’s been nearly 7 months since I took my apartment in Casco Viejo.To recap, for the better part of a year, I researched Panama and was absolutley smitten from afar. By the time I came down to spend a month exploring, I felt like I knew the place fairly well; it was just a matter of seeing and experiencing the information accumulated in my head, making it real as it were.

Aural Torture

January 20, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, Dogs, Noise No Comments →

It started at 7:15AM and just never stopped all day. A crew of five clearing stuff out of the apartment above me…bang, bang, banging and every move accompanied by yelling and yelling that echoed through the stairwells and courtyard bouncing into the apartment as though it were happening in here, not up there. I wanted to scream at the constant noise level. So I did. Just screamed and cursed in English for awhile. No louder than anybody else around here. I finally realized I could never work in this and went to a movie. The cab driver picked someone else up on the way and then basically yelled at him the whole way over. When I sat in the theater, they talked all around me in spite of the ‘looks.’

Summertime in the City

January 09, 2005 By: admin Category: Artesania, Casco Viejo, Customs & Culture, Dry Season, Shopping No Comments →

I’m gonna ramble, so bear with me… It is HOT during the day, clear and beautiful, but hot. Seems the average daytime high now is 90-92. And because we’re in the tropics, the sun feels far more intense than 92 degrees felt in NYC. I walk in
the shade. I use the air conditioning every day.

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