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Dengue Fever - Part 3

September 30, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Dengue Fever No Comments →

WARNING: NOT FOR THE WEAK: Okay, I wasn’t going to post this because it’s so graphic, however, I can’t seem to help but write about everything. Be glad that you people are spared most of what I write! :)

This is what I wrote about how it felt to be ill and I warn you, stop reading now if you’re looking for pleasant. I only found one account online of a guy who wrote about his illness and because KC, a neighbor, had it when he lived up in Bocas, I was glad to have someone to call especially when the rash hit. Is this normal? Did you experience this? It helped me to know I wasn’t experiencing some unique symptom and KC, thank you for being there with info, support and Pedialyte!

Dengue Fever - Part 2

September 29, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Dengue Fever No Comments →

The dengue carrier is a specific type of mosquito. It has a second name I can’t remember, but the first is Aedes, easy to remember as it’s so close to Hades. (sp?…the Biblical word for Hell). (more…)

Dengue Fever - Part 1

September 26, 2005 By: admin Category: Casco Viejo, Dengue Fever No Comments →

> I check in when I can, and must admit that when I do I’m seeking a "Leslie fix". I just relish the wonderfully rich "Leslie reports." Since there have been no new postings for 2 weeks, I thought I’d chime in with the hope I can stimulate one. What’s gnu in the neighborhood? < (more…)

Urban Nature, Art and Death

September 16, 2005 By: admin Category: 9-11, Art & Culture, Casco Viejo, Humidity, Kunas, La Cresta, NYC No Comments →

All my life, I have longed to live where I have both views of mountains and sea. That dream has finally come true. Yesterday, I walked across Calle Segundo and right into that wide open view of Paitilla. It seemed like a different world merely two blocks away. The view of the city evokes such a different internal energy than the view facing Amador where the mountains of Veracruz, the Bridge of the Americas and the greenery of the Canal banks dominate where there isn’t sea. Fortunately, none of the green is close enough to cause a mildew plague, yet is close enough to create a lovely, peaceful view. Now that’s my kind of green. I have come to associate greenery with intolerable humidity and mildew, nice to visit, lovely to look at, but I don’t want to live in it. (more…)

Baseball and Breezes

September 15, 2005 By: admin Category: Baseball, Casco Viejo, Humidity, La Cresta, Noise No Comments →

I always knew how much I loved living in Casco Viejo. When I got here, there were zero Americans living here. Now, they seem to be everywhere. During the year in the building in front of the remains of the Union Club, my appreciation was for the neighborhood, not my apartment. The apartment was okay, even great by NYC standards, but the noise was …well those of you who follow me remember and for those of you who don’t, suffice it to say one of my journals was entitled “Aural Torture.” (more…)

Back to the Future

September 14, 2005 By: admin Category: Birds, Casco Viejo, La Casona, NYC No Comments →

Beginning with coming over to sign the lease on the new apartment last week, life has been completely different. That day, I kept running into people I knew. Seems I can’t walk a block without interacting with folks. Everyone knows me, says hello and smiles. I didn’t realize how comforting that interaction on the street was until it was gone. It does remind me of the neighborhood feel of an NYC of yore, a time when perhaps you didn’t know the shopkeeper’s name for the first few years of going in there on pretty much a daily basis, but you knew each other anyway. You shared those few moments each day or every few days that said "We are neighbors. We share this and that is special because that’s just about us and not the rest of the world. We have mutual respect for one another. The day is a little bit brighter now that we’ve shared a smile."

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