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Galapagos Diving…Again with Gallery

March 24, 2009 By: admin Category: Galapagos Diving, Posts with Galleries, The Galapagos No Comments →

I used to have to write, went a bit crazy if I didn’t.  I’ve had a diary from the time I was 8 years old.   Somewhere, I still have that journal.  I wrote about my babysitter, twirling baton, sceances in my friend’s attic, the preacher’s daughter.  I wrote about the price of stamps going up and hearing the word ‘shit’ on the radio.  I wrote poetry throughout my teen years, some songs in Nashville and then back to my first love, journaling.  So it’s quite sad that I’ve abandoned it in the past couple of years.  At first, that was stress and then, it was just being too damned busy living and working to write about any of it. I like people, I really do.  But I rarely like being around people.  I have become such a hermit.  I love my son, my dog, Lorraine, working and once again, diving.  (more…)

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